Part 1: Motivation


From the introduction to an interview

From 2021 to 2023, Dr. Yonatan Sompolinsky, a visionary in the blockDAG approach to PoW, participated in numerous interviews. While some offered new insights, many simply revisited questions he had already answered.

To avoid this repetition and make the most of Dr. Yonatan's expertise, this blog section provides a succinct overview of his background and current projects. The upcoming interview with Dr. Sompolinsky, to be published here, will then delve into specific topics not previously discussed in other interviews.

This material serves as a reference for anyone planning to interview Dr. Sompolinsky in the future. By familiarizing yourself with the content here, your future interviews can focus on exploring new ideas and upcoming endeavors with him.

In preparation for the interview, which concludes this section, we present a brief introduction to the PoW blockDAG paradigm. This sets the stage for an in-depth conversation about Dr. Yonatan's current and future initiatives.