Part 2: How I see YS


Dedicated. With one word, he is dedicated.

He possesses a down-to-earth ego, maintains humility, and typically adheres to concise communication. However, when engaged in discussions about things he is passionate about, he is remarkably keen to delve into these topics with unwavering enthusiasm and depth and to proceed as long as it takes to explore the subject fully.

On the other hand, he is an individual who values his time and refrains from investing it in arrangements or discussions that offer little or no productive utility.

He doesn't inquire about your knowledge of PoW. Instead, he requests your interpretation of the concept. Depending on your response, he adjusts the complexity of his explanation to ensure it's accessible, gradually elevating the depth of his insights in an effort to enhance your understanding and knowledge step by step.

I extended five invitations to Yonatan for video calls after initially proposing short consultations or clarification meetings via Telegram. Without exception, he promptly joined these calls. While he often requested a brief delay before we initiated our discussions, he always adhered to the specified starting time.

Yonatan does not typically immerse himself in the agenda documentation or the concealed details within email invitations for video calls.
Nonetheless, he consistently expressed his commitment to the present moment, suggesting that our best course of action was to review the documents and optimize our use of time collectively. He offered to promptly address any material I wanted him to assess, affirming his dedication to efficient collaboration.

During our most recent video call, Yonatan was in what looked like a bustling mall. Despite the subpar audio quality, I appreciated his commitment to accommodating our meeting, especially considering that he appeared to be on a family vacation at the time. This further reaffirms his reputation as a man who consistently upholds his promises.

Towards the conclusion of the IBM blockchain conference call, in which I had extended an invitation to Yonatan to discuss PoW blockDAGs, I asked him for a brief overview of Kaspa's stance on the "blockchain trilemma." With a subtle smile, he responded that when engaging in discussions with a more scholarly vocabulary, it's prudent to avoid the term "blockchain trilemma," which he regarded as pure technological jargon.

Recognizing my somewhat embarrassed countenance and a sly grin, he swiftly dispelled any nervousness by commending the quality of the question and assuring me that he had no intention of undermining my subtle marketing effort. Instead, he conveyed his preference for using familiar terminology, and with a warm smile, he proceeded to elucidate the proposal for the benefit of all the participants.

On a different note, I'd also like to recount a moment when I informed Yonatan about the birth of my daughter. I felt compelled to apologize for the previous delay in my communication and the numerous typos and less-than-articulate statements in our prior conversations.

In response, Yonatan offered his warm wishes to my daughter and her courageous mother. Yonatan then asked about her name and replied promptly with the word "Yiskah."

The kindness of a heart and strong family attachment was something that was clearly visible when I was having conversations with the Kaspa core contributors around the end of 2022.
Now, let's continue with some tech, shall we?